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Goldendoodles Puppies- born April 

14, 2020


Welcome to Doodlesrfun! We have been raising labradoodles and goldendoodles since 2003. Our parent dogs have all been carefully selected to bring the out the most desireable traits in puppies. The addition of a goldendoodle or labradoodle to your family will undoubtedly be worth your while. We believe that the disposition, intelligence, and versatility for training of these specialized breeds cannot be matched with any other breed or mixed-breed. In addition, grooming maintenance is minimal and people with dog or dander allergies have reported relief with these hypo-allergenic breeds. Whether you are wanting to use your dog as a hunter, service dog, walking campanion, or a trustworthy family dog, the goldendoodle or labradoodle is perhaps the best all-around choice for a family pet!


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